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Applications of Chinese Herbal Compatibility

Applications of Chinese Herbal Compatibility

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ISBN 9787117092081
Publisher People's Health Publishing House
Publication Date First publiched 2008
Pages 380 pages, hardcover
Product Dimensions 7.2 x 1 x 10.2 inches
Language English




by He Xiu-chuan


Herbal compatibility describes an understanding of combining medicinals that change the primary herb's function and expand its main treatment scope by increasing efficacy, preventing side effects, and providing comprehensive treatment in complicated cases. This text focuses on the function, application, and compatibility analysis of commonly used medicinals in dual combination. For example, the chapter on ginseng describes its function, application, and compatibility analysis in sequential combination with ginger, aconite, ophiopogon, and hematite. In all, 58 such medicinals are described in association with one other medicinal. Each combination also includes case studies and formula prescriptions. This work will be highly absorbing for students immersed in the acquisition of herbal knowledge.


More than 120 compatible herb groups in combination with Function, Application and Compatibility Analysis; abundant case histories from the author's own practice in clinic; a detailed discussion of the use of herbal medicines according to differentiation symptoms even for one disease; and, essential illumination about Chai Hu Tang syndrome and Xiao Chai Hu Tang compatibility application based on the author's clinic experiences.


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